School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics

9 - 14 September 2019, Belgrade, Serbia


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Branislav Cvetkovic

Entropy in Poincare gauge theory: Hamiltonian approach

The canonical generator of local symmetries in Poincare gauge theory is constructed as an integral over a spatial section of spacetime. Its regularity (differentiability) on the phase space is ensured by adding a suitable surface term, an integral over the boundary infinity, which represents the asymptotic canonical charge. For black hole solutions, there are two boundaries, one at infinity and one at horizon. It is shown that the canonical charge at horizon defines entropy, and the condition of regularity yields the first law of black hole thermodynamics.


Institute of Physics Belgrade (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
Faculty of Mathematics (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
Mathematical Institute (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Belgrade, Serbia
Faculty of Science (University of Kragujevac)
Kragujevac, Serbia
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA)
Belgrade, Serbia


Institute of Nuclear Sciences "VinĨa" (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
Institute of Physics (University of Kragujevac)
Kragujevac, Serbia
Faculty of Physics (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
Faculty of Sciences (University of Novi Sad)
Novi Sad, Serbia
School of Electrical Engineering (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
SEENET-MTP (Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics)
Nis, Serbia