School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics

9 - 14 September 2019, Belgrade, Serbia


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Sergei Odintsov

The universe acceleration in modified gravity: an overview

General introduction to cosmology of modified gravity is given. It is shown that different forms of modified gravity are possible: many of them being consistent with Solar system tests and cosmological bounds. Special attention is paid to F(R) gravity. It is shown that such theory may naturally describe the early-time inflation with late-time acceleration (dark energy epoch). Realistic versions of F(R) gravity are proposed. The inflationary indices are shown to be consistent with Planck experiment. New ghost-free versions of modified gravity are introduced and their cosmological evolution is studied. It is shown that it may naturally give the unification of inflation with dark energy while scalar field which appears there plays the role of dark matter.


Institute of Physics Belgrade (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
Faculty of Mathematics (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
Mathematical Institute (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Belgrade, Serbia
Faculty of Science (University of Kragujevac)
Kragujevac, Serbia
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA)
Belgrade, Serbia


Institute of Nuclear Sciences "VinĨa" (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
Institute of Physics (University of Kragujevac)
Kragujevac, Serbia
Faculty of Physics (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
Faculty of Sciences (University of Novi Sad)
Novi Sad, Serbia
School of Electrical Engineering (University of Belgrade)
Belgrade, Serbia
SEENET-MTP (Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics)
Nis, Serbia